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AlphaRent - Equipment Rental Software

Equipment Rental Software - AlphaRental

Genisys Software offers the highest level of computer systems and management software available for your rental, sales, and service business. Many single and multi-store operations are using AlphaRENTAL™ throughout North America.

Our system is ideal for your business because it is easy to use and learn. Stay competitive with the national companies, by using the software they have used. AlphaRENTAL™ is a comprehensive system that can manage all areas of your business.
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Software Introduction

  Easy To Use
The simple format and logical design of AlphaRENTAL™ allows you to process transactions quickly and easily. Our useful on-screen help enables your employees to learn the basics of AlphaRENTAL™ immediately.

AlphaRENTAL™ has been designed to manage the most complex demands of your business. Our powerful software doesn't have the annoying limitations and short comings that the less expensive rental systems have. AlphaRENTAL™ will provide you with all the vital information needed to run a successful business.

AlphaRENTAL™ contains flexible Store Set Up screens which allow you to set up our system to fit your unique business. Our computer systems are ideal for companies of any size and structure.

AlphaRENTAL™ has been thoroughly developed to manage all areas of your business. As seen below, our comprehensive software provides you with numerous standard and optional features.

Screenshots Of AlphaRental™
View actual screenshots of our equipment rental software in action. Learn about the software's interface and how it can add value to your business.

Ideal Software For Many Industries
  • General Rental Centers
  • Contractors Equipment Rental, Sales, and Service
  • Tool Rental and Supply
  • High/Aerial Lift Rental, Sales, and Service
  • Party and Tent Rental and Sales
  • Special Event Rental
  • Forklift Rental, Sales, and Service
  • Generator Rental, Sales, and Service
  • Heating and Cooling Equipment Rental, Sales, and Service
  • Oilfield Rental and Service
  • Boat, Jet-Ski, and Marina Rental, Sales, and Service

Standard Software Features

Every AlphaRENTAL™ system includes the following standard features:

  • Rental Contracts, Reservations and Quotations
  • Full Point of Sale for resale inventory (serialized or bulk) and parts
  • Real Time Inventory Availability Screen / Catalog
  • Flexible Store Set Up Screens
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Purchase Orders
  • Automatic Nightly Processing (bills any rental contract that has been out 28 days)
  • Service / Maintenance Department
  • Kits
  • Credit Memos
  • Executive Information Files

Capabilities For All Types Of Rental Companies

  • Accommodation of all rate and pricing structures

  • Ability to create custom contracts and invoices to fit your business

  • Flexible automatic billing options

  • Define the number of rental days in a week, month, etc.

  • Look up inventory by: description, alternate description, serial number, bar code ID, product type, category/item number, or manufacturer's part number

  • Look up customer by: business name, first or last name, telephone number, driver's license number, account/customer number, or contract/invoice number

  • Ability to rent and sell items on the same contract, in any order

  • Over 300 reports with the ability to sort and query information

  • Rental returns and sales transactions that are "paid in full" can be printed out on small receipt paper

  • Attach unlimited messages to any transaction or file

  • No need to purge. Keep transactions in the system for as long as you want (20 years or more!)

  • "FLiP™" ability allows you to work on multiple transactions at the same time, from the same workstation.

  • Inventory Availability Screen Catalog allows you to access all relevant inventory information quickly and easily

  • Fully barcode compatible

  • Ability to add equipment, exchange equipment, and make partial returns, on an existing contract

  • Convert quotations and/or reservations into rental contracts with one keystroke

  • Complete tracking of all cash and credit customers. Add new customers to the system quickly

  • Allows for unlimited payment methods / deposits / amounts / dates on the same transaction

  • Create inventory reservations years into the future

  • Create on-screen messages and credit warnings for your counter staff

  • Ability to have multiple metered items on same rental contract

  • Fully automated purchase order system integrated with the optional accounts payable module

  • Credit memo system allows you to adjust customer invoices in an organized manner

  • Ability to copy past transactions and data files to eliminate the need for repetitive typing

  • System handles and accounts for sub-rentals and split-rentals

  • Useful real time information on vital sales, revenue, profitability, ROI, utilization, rental/sales history, and more

  • Security features allow you to limit access of employees to confidential information

  • Ability to overbook rentals and sales items, and create backorders if desired

  • Pick up and delivery with ample space for directions/instructions

  • Ability to track employees' commissions and activity

  • Customer mailing labels and other marketing tools

  • Lost rentals and sales tracking helps you to fine-tune your future inventory

  • Ability to map deliveries using Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, or Google Maps with one keystroke

Specific Companies Capabilities - Equipment
Contractors' Equipment, Tool, General Rental, High Lift, and Forklift Rental, Sales, and Service Companies:
  • Ability to write and track work/repair orders, and handle warranty issues
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Complete parts inventory, sales, reordering, and tracking
  • Ability to track serialized equipment
  • Flexible, automatic billing, customized by customer for any period of time
  • Complete job site tracking
  • Complete tracking of all meter, fuel, cleaning, damage charges, and damage waivers
  • Complete pinpoint tracking of all maintenance history including parts, labor, etc.
  • Tracking of Original Costs, Selling Costs, Maintenance Costs, Utilization, ROI, and much more


Specific Companies Capabilities - Events
Party, Special Events, General Rental, Tent, Stage, Lighting, Props, and Audio-Visual Rental and Sales

  • Event pricing and many other flexible rate structures
  • Complete tracking of annual events for marketing and planning purposes
  • Kit function allows you to group and suggest relevant inventory items together
  • Ability to rent out, and track bulk items like chairs, tables, etc.
  • Picking lists that can be printed by category. Each inventory department can have its own printer. For example: Tables and Chairs, Linens, Tents, Dishes and Silverware. When a contract is created, only the appropriate items will print out on each inventory department's picking list.


Optional Features
Genisys Software offers many optional features that can be used with AlphaRENTAL™

Integrated Accounting Modules
This optional module is a complete, integrated system that can manage all your company's accounting needs. The system includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Check Writing, Financial Statements, and much more.
Fax Software
The fax software for AlphaRENTAL™ allows you to automatically fax invoices, contracts, AR statements, purchase orders, and much more directly to your customers and vendors from any work station.
Driver's License / Credit Card Magnetic Stripe Readers and Software
Genisys offers magnetic stripe readers and software that enables you to: add new customer information into the system, and to bring up existing customer information by simply swiping a driver's license. The readers and software are also used for authorizing customer's credit and debit card transactions.

Click here to view even more options available for use with the AlphaRENTAL software package.

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