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Genisys - Rental Software Company

Genisys Software, Inc. specializes in providing Rental and Point of Sale software for the equipment, tool, party, special events, construction, aerial lift, ski, snowboard, bike, and video rental industries. Genisys Software offers the highest level of specialized software and hardware available for your rental, sales, and service business.

Genisys provides their customers with the very best software, hardware, phone support/help desk, training, custom programming, and much more. We even offer optional integrated accounting modules. Our systems are ideal for large multi-location operations, and small single-store businesses. Having licensed our software to over 800 locations in North America, Genisys is a proven software supplier.

Rental Software Products

Software for the construction equipment rental, generator rental, aerial lift rental, heating and cooling equipment rental, general/homeowner rental equipment, party rental, special events rental, boat and jet-ski rental, truck and car rental markets. Includes full point of sale and inventory control along with reservations, quotations, rental contracts, invoices, dispatch, extensive reporting, accounts receivable and purchase orders, automated delivery mapping.

Optional integrated accounting, signature capture, internet based credit card processing, e-mailing transactions, smart phone interface, web portals, and much, much more!


Software for the ski rental, snowboard rental, mountain bikes/sports, and sporting goods rental markets, including full point of sale, customer entry stations, cashier stations, and technician stations; accounting modules (optional), full inventory control, maintenance tracking on your equipment, group and individual reservations, multiple rate structures (for example you can have special rates for schools, youth groups, etc) and much, much more!


Genisys Software - In The News

AlphaRental Mobile - Real Time access to your data from any mobile device with a web browser (smart phones, tablets or laptops / notebooks)
Fall 2012 - Genisys Software is proud to release AlphaRENTAL Mobile version 5.0 which allows you to look up customer information, check inventory availability for any date range, check rental rates (book rates or specific to the customer), make reservations (and then email or fax them), check open orders by customer or product - all in real time from your mobile device! Version 5.0 added more features for the owners/management, for your drivers (delivery and pickup confirmation including signature capture) and also rental yard functions. To request more information on this exciting and incredibly powerful software, click here .

AlphaRental GUI Edition Released
October 2011 - Want a fresh graphical look to your software, but still want to keep it fast, simple, and bullet-proof? Our version 7.4 has a Graphical User Interface, but gives you the option of maintaining function key usage, using your mouse, or a touch screen. So you get the best of all worlds - point and click access, or function keys to minimize movement between the mouse and keyboard! For more information on version 7.4 and to see a PowerPoint presentation, please click here . Version 7.4 has over 540 new features and enhancements added since version 7.3.

Genisys is pleased to announce that all software is now available on Linux
December 2010 - Genisys Software has announced that all of its software is now available as an option on the Linux Operating System, which has an even lower "Total Cost of Ownership" than Unix, but is equally resistant to viruses. As our current customers know(none whose server has ever had a virus) this is a very important feature of your server's operating system. Remember: your server is mission-critical -- if it is down, you are down. Don't settle for an Operating System that must be constantly updated / rebooted / etc!

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